Vanishing Questions™ by Vanishing Games™ is the Card Game Celebrating the Funny Stories and Weird Moments in Life!

Launching Sept 6th on Kickstarter!

Players take turns picking cards with funny or revealing questions they must answer, while risking the draw of task cards for which they must record and share something with their close-messaging app friends. Vanishing Questions™ can be played with Snapchat, Instagram Stories, or any Messaging App!

How to play

• Players take turns picking cards with funny or revealing Vanishing Questions™ they must answer from the top of the deck. Hidden in the deck are task cards. When a task is chosen, the player must perform the challenge and send a picture or video to close friends on their favorite messaging app, creating funny and memorable experiences.

• Select Vanishing Questions™ are fill in the blank. The player who draws this card fills in the blank and can ask any player their question. The card selection order resumes after without skipping turns.

• The group decides how many points your honest answers or silly videos are worth, and the player with the most points, well… you get to decide!

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